Personal Trainers in Adelaide


Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. One of the best ways to maximize the results from your time exercising is to get on board with your own personal trainer. Enrolling in some personal training sessions means that you will always be focused on your health and fitness goals, which means you are more likely to stick to your plan and achieve great things.


It’s not always easy to keep up regular exercise, life often seems to get in the way and as time goes on we can lose motivation. When you sign on with personal trainers you are making a commitment to your self as well as to your own health and fitness.


Adelaide has a great climate for outdoor personal training. From October through to April you will find the average high temperature over twenty degrees, perfect for being outside. June, July, August and September are a little cooler, although still bearable. June and July are the months where it is most likely to rain.


Personal Training Locations Around Adelaide


Adelaide boasts some beautiful parks for exercising as well as some excellent beachside locations. Right in the heart of the city you will find the thirty hectare Adelaide Botanic Garden. There are plenty of great walking tracks. Personal trainers often hold classes here.


To the north of Adelaide you will find the Adelaide Aquatic centre, a popular destination for those interested in sports and recreation.


The Yurrebilla trail is popular with walkers, it’s a fifty four kilometer hike that begins just twelve kilometers out of Adelaide and winds through some beautiful country.


Twenty five minutes out of the city is the Belair National Park. You will find tourists and locals alike here enjoying the beautiful surrounds. There are sealed tracks, ovals and tennis courts here.


If you love the sand and surf you can’t go past Glenelg beach. Popular for many years it seems like there is always something going on at Glenelg. This beautiful beach is also the host of many personal training sessions and outdoor exercise classes.



Styles of Personal Training Available in Adelaide


There are many personal trainers around Adelaide who offer a wide range of fitness and wellness solutions to fit your needs. Many people opt for one on one time with a trainer. This means that you will be working individually with a trainer to strive towards you own personal goals.


If you like exercise with a social side to it and are looking at lowering your cost, small group personal training is a good option. You still get the guidance and advice of a trainer, but you are working alongside a few other people.

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