Personal Trainers in Canberra


If you have decided to get fit and healthy a personal trainer can be of great help. Personal training is all about being your best and reaching your goals. Those that chose to work with  personal trainers find that they have increased levels of motivation and get the results that they want much faster.


Health and fitness brings many rewards. When you exercise you will find yourself feeling less tired and lethargic, having more energy means that you are more productive at work and happier when you are at home. Not only will you feel better when you exercise but you will look better too. Personal trainers can help you lose weight and increase muscle mass. Even if you are not looking to lose weight you will find that personal training can help your shape.


Canberra’s climate is ideal for personal training for the most part. Summer, autumn and spring are warm but not too hot. The mild mornings are ideal for exercise. During the winter months you may be faced with cooler temperatures and rainfall, particularly in the mornings.


Personal Training Locations Around Canberra


Canberra Nature Park is made up of twenty seven different parks and reserves which stretch throughout the urban centre of Canberra. These parks featured cleared space and some excellent walking tracks. These parks are a favourite for boot camps.


The Australian National Botanic Gardens located in Acton, just out of Canberra are a great place to exercise outdoors. There are plenty of tracks for running and walking and cleared areas for training.


Stromlo Forrest Park is a joint use park and recreational sporting facility. These combined uses mean that it is popular with locals, tourists and trainers alike. There is a cycling circuit, an event pavilion among many other facilities. Stromlo Forrest Park is about a ten minute drive out of Canberra.


Styles of Personal Training Available in Canberra


Many people in Canberra like their exercise to fit around their work commitments. For this reason you will find plenty of people out exercising around Canberra before work and on their lunch breaks. This is a great option if you find it hard to fit exercise in around your busy schedule.


With Canberra’s climate outdoor training is popular. There are boot camps and small group classes taking place all around Canberra and the ACT. If you prefer to be in a studio there are also plenty of gyms and health clubs to chose from.


One on one training is a good choice if you are looking for the undivided attention of your personal trainer. In one on one training your personal trainer will work with you to devise a program which is tailored to your specific goals. Small group personal training is also available in Canberra. Class sizes are usually between four and twelve people. Working in a group can help boost your motivation and help you to strive to achieve your goals.


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