Personal Trainers in Perth


Health and fitness brings many rewards. When you are healthy, you will have more energy, be in control of your emotions, have lower stress levels and look better. While many people make a commitment to get healthy and start exercising, many fall at the wayside somewhere along in their journey. The secret to success is not always within yourself, but with the people you to choose to go to for advice and support. This is why so many people are enlisting a personal trainer to help them reach their goals.


Those that enroll in personal training are far more likely to stick to their fitness commitment. Personal trainers can help motivate you. When you exercise with a trainer you are learning new skills and trying new activities all the time, so you are never bored. When you are training on your own, it’s hard to know if you are heading down the right path. A personal trainer can show you the way and make sure you get the best results in return for the time and effort you are putting in.


Personal Training Locations Around Perth


Kings Park is located close to the city centre and is a favourite for exercisers getting active on their lunch breaks. Part garden, part bushland and part grassland you’ll be spoiled for choice of where to work out in this park.


Along the Swan River you will find Bursood Park. Perhaps one of the most popular places for training around Perth. There are plenty of trails suitable for jogging and cycling around this park.


Ten minutes out of the city is Lake Monger Reserve. Parkland is set around a beautiful lake, this is a very scenic place and in turn popular for boot camp and small group fitness classes.


Also out of the city is the Peppermint Grove Foreshore reserve. This secluded beachfront and bushland reserve often hosts bootcamps and other small group personal training sessions.


Another great beachside location to for personal training is Cottesloe beach. Popular for individual exercisers as well as groups, there is both grassland and beachfront areas to choose from and plenty of shade provided by pine trees.


Styles of Personal Training Available in Perth


Perth enjoys and excellent climate all year around, so why not get out there and enjoy it? Outdoor training sessions are popular and take place in parks all around the city. Bootcamp programs have really taken off in the last few years and are run by personal trainers in parks and on beaches.


One on one training is available with personal trainers both in gyms or fitness studios or in the outdoors. One on one training allow a trainer to give you their full attention to make sure you are getting the most out of your time with them.



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