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Stay lean with these 19 Low Carb Snacks

By: katy mackay

Ditch the 3pm sugar snack attack once and for all! Reaching for the chocolate bars, muffins and biscuits at 3pm could be the reason you aren’t shifting those last few kilos. Just bloody stop it. Not that easy? Instead of going without, swap in a high protein, low carb snack:
plain yoghurt (check label for less than 6g sugar per 100g)

Raw cut up vegetables such as carrot, celery, cucumber, capsicum

Raw nuts – limit to one handful


Protein smoothie with no sugar/no honey/no juice

Boiled eggs – the perfect, portable, high-protein snack!

Cottage cheese or hummus with carrot sticks

Celery and almond butter

Tuna (small can makes perfect snack)

Apple wedges and natural peanut butter

steamed veg leftover from night before

Strawberries and plain yoghurt

Cooked chicken/turkey breast pieces

Cherry tomatoes

Raw almonds, brazil nuts or other

Smoked salmon or mackerel

Beef jerky

Punnet of raspberries (if you want to splurge!)

Avocado with raw paleo crackers

Added: 03-05-2016