Personal Training Eastern Suburbs 3dpt Fat Loss Circuit
By: Luke Walsh



Hi Everybody, Luke Walsh here from 3d Personal Training Eastern Suburbs.

I have put together this short video to showcase one of my very simple but effective fat loss circuits so if you are confident with all of the exercises please give it a go by clicking my green profile button and dropping me an email in the contact box.

The exercises that I have showcased in our Bondi Junction Fitness Studio include;

The barbell squat,

Seated parallel grip shoulder press,

Romanian deadlifts,

Prone incline dumbbell row, and

alternating backwards dumbbell lunges.

To make this a real fat burning, muscle strengthening exercise do 5 rounds with 60 seconds rest after each round. If you are looking for personal training in the eastern suburbs and would like to know more please give me a call or view my personal training video on my profile to learn more about what 3dpt can do for you.

3d personal training offers more than the regular personal trainer. Being involved in the fitness industry for as long as I have, gives you an understanding of the many different approaches to helping people achieve weight loss and body sculpting. There are always regular consults that will help keep you accountable and make sure your stay on track with your goals.

I look forward to seeing a you and helping you make a massive improvement on your health and fitness goals.

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