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3 Chard Road Brookvale, 2100

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BA In Sport & Exercise (University of Technology Sydney), Certificate 3 in Personal and Group Training, Certificate 4 Master Personal Trainer, Certified Weightlifting Coach (Australian Weightlifting Federation)


Offering FREE Consults to discuss how I can help you become the best version of yourself! Tailored packages to suit your budget!





Whether youre plateauing with your training, feeling flat in your personal life or simply finding youre procrastinating rather than tackling that to-do list, inspiration can be a powerful motivator to get you going!

Knowing youre not alone and being reminded that others have been in the same shoes at some point, and pushed ahead, can be the comforting wisdom you need to move!

Dont stay stuck! Get you off your fence and in to action!

Sometimes the reality is that 'done' is better than 'perfect'.

The actions that you DO take will help shape your life, but so will the actions you DO NOT take!

Let me help you!

With 4 years experience in the health and fitness industry I have developed tried and tested methods help people get the most out of their training and nutrition.

Offerring Personalised training and nutrition programs for weight loss, toning & muscle gain.

Offering Sport Specific programming and nutrition for athletic performance.


Client Name: Kim Murray (48) - Northern Beaches

Harrys tertiary education/qualifications in exercise is something I respect enormously. His passion for fitness, his willingness to share his knowledge and his attention to detail (i.e. squat technique) are second to none. Since starting with Harry only 6 months ago I have been able to lose over 10 kg, which is very pleasing as I spent 3 years with other trainers with little to no results!

Since starting with Harry I have been able to perform more chest to deck push-ups than I ever thought I could do. I thought any chance of improvement at my age was not possible, but whoa! Im doing it!

Client name: Ray Barnes (42) - Brookvale

I have never had a trainer who believed in my physical ability the way Harry does. He pushes me every single session and has now helped me achieved things I never thought possible.

Taking a performance based approach to training has seen me improve my max Squat from 80 kg to 130kg and my max Deadlift from 90kg to a whopping 160kg.

The knowledge that Harry has as a PT has resulted in me losing body fat, increasing muscle mass and lifting weight I never thought possible. His friendly demeanour and skill in instructing correct form and technique in all the main lifts has blown me away!

Client Name: Dylan Grogan (24) - Brookvale

I have trained with various trainers before, but never have I actually felt as a valued person until I signed up to train with Harry. In my first week he sat me down and catered a fitness and nutrition plan that didnt have me sacrificing much from my lifestyle. Harry has made every session enjoyable and refreshing whilst also managing to push each workout to my maximum potentials. After each session I am left feeling satisfied and absolutely drained, but also accomplished. Harry also advises me healthy alternatives when it comes to weekend plans and keeps in touch through texts to check in and discuss how things have been.

Since starting training with Harry about 6 months ago I have managed to lose 20 healthy kilos and after only a month’s training with Harry I managed to smash my previous fitness test by 5 minutes and 9 seconds!

Please call or email me directly, and let's get training together!