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Little Mountain Street.

Qualifications:ưeu ươp

Bsc Exercise Science & Human Movement. Level 1 TRX Suspension Trainer. FMT1 - RockTape RocDoc. Level 5 Nutritional Therpist


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Are you looking for personal training that isn't based on fads, pills or that's more than just weight loss and strict diets that aren't sustainable?

MVMNT is all about increasing your mobility, ability and physical movement. MVMNT offers Personal Training and Massage Therapy.

All sessions are 1 on 1 in a private studio and based in South Melbourne.

No contracts, hidden fees or memberships. Just quality Personal Training delivered by Nick Lees an Accredited Exercise Scientist with over 4 years of experience in the industry. Nick has just returned from London, where he was mentored by a Physiotherapist and Biomechanist for 18 months. He is now continuing his Masters in Exercise Physiology whilst Personal Training.

MVMNT incorporates a Hybrid style approach to training.

This means:

First; we mobilising the joints, moving freer and really warming up and prepping the body.

Second; we activate the correct muscles and become aware of what our bodies are feeling.

Third; we drill technique aspects of the big compound lifts. We build more muscle, burn more calories, and target more muscle groups for recruitment.

Fourth; we Sweat! Usually a circuit or target based objective through many different exercises. At MVMNT we call them Rounds. 5 Rounds of 3 exercises. GO!

This is just a basic structure. Sessions are always changing. It has been a proven method of training and can be adapted to almost any fitness level.

If you put in the hard work during sessions, eat a clean more nutritious diet, drink water and work with Nick to create positive habits the weight and all the other things you want to achieve from training will happen.

Come see how you gel with Nick and if MVMNT is right for you during your Initial consultation.

If you want to look up Nick and see what he is about:

instagram - mvmntcoach


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