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30 Exercises in 30 Minutes

30 Exercises in 30 Minutes

Here is a great workout you can do in 30 minutes with no special equipment. If you are not familiar with any of the exercises you can easily google them as I have used their most common names.

Before you start this workout do a dynamic warm up – about 5 minutes of moving stretches and maybe a short jog.

Set a timer to 45 seconds work and 15 seconds rest for 30 rounds.

I suggest you do the first 12 exercises then a 400 metre run. Rest then do 2 further blocks.

The exercises are in a pattern – Core, Cardio and then Body Weight.  You do not need any equipment.

Here they are:

  1. Butterfly sit ups (sit ups with legs bent and collapsed out to the side.  Arms above your head then touch your toes)
  2. Shuttle runs (run back and forth between 2 points touching the ground at each end)
  3. Squats
  4. Seated russian twists (sit on your bottom and twist from side to side – raise feet off the ground if you have no back issues, otherwise keep feet on the ground)
  5. Backwards running
  6. Push ups (even if you can’t do push ups for 45 seconds use this time to practise)
  7. V tucks/ N ups – seated bring knees to chest and lay back without shoulders touching the ground)
  8. High knees running on the spot
  9. Inchworms – stand and crawl down to the ground using your hands out in front of you without your knees touching the ground until you are lying on the ground then crawl back up to standing the same way
  10. Alternating side planks.  Get into a side plank position and then without coming down roll to the other side through a front plank
  11. Burpees (you can do jumping burpees or for a more low impact version walk through the burpees one leg at a time)
  12. Seated tricep dips – use a chair or bench
  13. Plank
  14. Jumping sideways across the yoga mat.  Start on one side of your mat (or an imaginary mat)and jump across on one leg with other leg then joining first leg.  Then go back the other way.
  15. Static lunges on one leg (get into a lunge position with front leg bent at 90 degrees and pulse up and down.  Do not change legs. Try to avoid one leg in front of the other as if you are on a tight rope. Better for stability to be on 2 separate tracks)
  16. Leg lowers (lie on your back with both legs up in the air.  Lower one leg and bring it back to the top and then the other very slowly with control)
  17. Squat jumps (do a squat and then a small jump before your next squat)
  18. Static lunges on other leg
  19. Stir the pot (seated position pretend to stir a big pot on your lap forward and back)
  20. Step ups (find a step or a ledge)
  21. Good mornings (feet a bit wider then hip width apart and hinge at the hip keeping spine neutral)
  22. Bird dog (on hands and knees raise opposite arm and leg)
  23. Toe taps (jog on the spot tapping an imaginary ball between your feet)
  24. Negative push ups (start at the top of a push up on your toes and lower yourself down to the ground very slowly)
  25. Dead bugs (lie on your back raise arms to the sky and bend legs to chest then extend opposite arm and leg keeping lower back on the ground at all times)
  26. Hands on the back of a chair and jumping feet together from side to side
  27. Slow motion squats – count to 5 going down and 5 coming up
  28. Penguin – lie on back and reach for your feet on one side and then the other
  29. Hopscotch – pretend to hop hop hop then legs out in a jump
  30. Top plank/bottom plank – up up down down.

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