Posted by Anthony Gillespie on 08/21/2019

Acknowledge your wins

Acknowledge your wins

In the personal training realm there is nothing better than seeing positive change. In fact it is the number reason we as coaches got into what we are doing. Talk about a group obsessed with achieving job satisfaction!

We feel it is super important to take stock regularly and celebrate our client’s victories, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to them. Change is hard and when the tide starts to turn and you start to see someone doing something that no so long ago seemed impossible, you want to acknowledge it and keep the fires of motivation burning. This is why it is critical because as goal directed creatures we get our energy from progress. 

Something to keep in mind though is that achievements should be celebrated as part of the process not an end point. They are simply markers on the journey that goes on because life is like that. We are dead when we stop, when we start thinking, “oh I’ve arrived”. There is no arrival folks just good things to keep aiming for and celebrating periodically on that drive of life. 

I have said before that in health and fitness there is no standing still. You are either getting healthier or you are getting sicker. Our bodies will age, we can’t stop that but a regular health and fitness routine including yoga, cardio training and functional strength exercises will help fuel growth instead of decay. Take heart from the fact that 90 year old men can still build muscle but I can tell you they don’t often do that because the average person just ends up giving up. It comes down to attitude and an outlook that says I can keep achieving cool stuff. If you can keep that achievement mindset you may be surprised what you can tick off that bucket list and I can tell you will be the one people gravitate towards.

How do you want to be as you travel through life folks? The guy or girl who keeps shooting for ‘firsts’ each year or the tired old character not aiming for anything in particular because the body won’t allow it. I know what sounds more exciting and motivating to me. Achieve or strive to achieve, always. Celebrate, regroup and move on in the direction of your next adventure! Sounds good to me.

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