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Posted by Michael Winter on 06/18/2019

Are you a doer or procrastinator??

Are you a doer or procrastinator??

Are you playing the blame game? You know, that game you play when you pretend nothing is ever your fault, so you just blame someone or something else. When it comes to fitness, you think of any possible excuse as to why you are at your current fitness level. Whether it’s time, genetics, a slow metabolism, lack of knowledge, family influence, you don’t like to sweat, or any other excuse that is out of your control – it’s always just a way to procrastinate and make yourself feel better.

Now, I’m not trying to condemn anyone, it’s just that in my experience all too often people place the blame for fitness outside themselves. They think of the reason why they can’t get fit or why it just can’t happen for them, they’re a special type. It can even be the government or food companies’ fault for allowing the foods to be manufactured. Whatever that reason is, having the victim mentality is just an excuse to delay the effort needed to get fit. A favourite quote of mine says it all, “Why do we have to think of all the reasons why it won’t work out when all we have to do is think of one reason why it will.”

We’ll start this excuse busters series with a top among dieters procrastination. Often the hardest part of any fitness program is just getting started. Setting those daily habits in place that will ultimately lead to your better body.

I have to ask, have you started yet? I mean, have you started with your diet? Or are you going to wait until that elusive next Monday to start your quest for a better body? Well, maybe it’s a bad time of the year right now, things are busy at work, my life is a bit hectic right now, or I have all year to start, why now? I can tell you one thing for sure, if you don’t do anything now you’ll very likely be the same 6 months from now or even 6 years from now. You just have to ask yourself, will you be happy with your current body for the next 6 months. If not, then what do you want to look and feel like 6 months from now? Then take action to make it happen!!

If anything is ever going to change in your life, you have to take responsibility for what happens to your body. If that means getting in better shape, then take responsibility for your actions that have an effect on your body, namely eating and exercising. Even if you get going and lose just 250gm the first week, just keep going and continue to improve. Don’t be like a scorpion I read about in South America. In its aggressiveness it will sting itself and die of its own poison. In other words don’t ever sabotage your quest for fitness with a weekend binge, or a day long eating fest.

Once you do get going, don’t ever quit! The real secret to permanent and long lasting fat-loss is persistence. Staying true to eating right and exercising through discouragement and setbacks, holidays and vacations, or parties and banquets. A person is somewhat like a bicycle. A bicycle maintains its poise and equilibrium only as long as it is going forward toward something. Similarly, we are engineered as goal-seeking mechanisms. Try it, you can’t stay upright and be stationary at the same time on a bicycle. Keep going forward though, and you can go over mountains and beyond.

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