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Posted by Michael Winter on 11/14/2019

Corporate wellness is more than just the program you choose

Corporate wellness is more than just the program you choose
A well-designed wellness program goes beyond just "counting steps". They can connect dispersed workforces, help build stronger teams, improve workplace culture and inspire your people to make healthy lifestyle changes in all areas of wellbeing. 

Here are three points to consider

1. Stronger teams mean stronger businesses:
  • Being part of team is a great motivator. 
  • People work on a level playing field they share ideas more freely, innovate and report better job satisfaction 
  • Companies who prioritise team building are significantly more likely to perform better on key business indicators.

 2. Social connections can improve health outcomes 
The social bonds that form during a team challenge carry lasting health benefits as well. 

Having a social support network has been shown to help individuals cope with stressful situations, improve cardiovascular health and even live longer lives. 

3. Creation of a connected culture of wellbeing 
Even if you’re fostering a great employee experience, the truth is, most company cultures need a jumpstart from time to time. 

Help everybody feel included no matter where they work, especially for remote employees or satellite offices that may not have access to the onsite fitness centre or the free healthy snacks in the fridge at work.

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