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Posted by Michael Winter on 04/29/2020

Dressing up for homework: Is it a winner?

Dressing up for homework: Is it a winner?

Working from home is the new norm, at least for the next few months, one question that is often asked is how should I dress for work? With this in mind, it is worth considering, does what you wear for work really affect your productivity? Here are some reason to dress up for work. 

The fine line between work and life

 Without actually dressing up for work, you no longer have these moments to condition your brain into understanding when work ends and home life begins. 

A boundary for ourselves 

Beyond our ability to switch off once we are changed into our relaxing clothes, changing into work clothes for our home office promotes and maintains a professional attitude. We cannot forget that when we work from home, we are still at work. This may mean that we have to engage with our clients, line managers or colleagues. 

Promotes productivity 

Most importantly, this professional attitude forces us into a mode of productivity. 

A boundary for others 

Not all of us have the opportunity to work from home without interruption. For parents, it is especially important that our kids know we are ‘out-of-bounds’. If we don’t have kids, there is a likelihood that there are others we need to remind about our work-life at home. 

What do you think about dressing to work from home?

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