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Posted by Michael Winter on 06/18/2019

Drink your way to weight loss

Drink your way to weight loss

So you have got the diet clean and healthy and you have been following your exercise program for a month now but you are getting discouraged with the results of your weight loss so far. The fact is you may not be consuming enough water. It sounds stupid really because all you ever read about to maximise your weight loss is to follow a good calorie controlled clean diet and exercise but not many people mention water. Water is in fact one of the most important aspects of any weight loss plan and its vital fuel for your bodies vital organs to not only to work but recover quickly.

The hard part is sticking to your new diet plan and exercise program and you may have achieved this already but by not consuming enough water you could actually be hindering the process and your results. Let me explain. You may have heard of the process and system that takes place inside of your body called "metabolism". Well there is, in fact many forms of metabolism inside of your body but in this case the most important one when it comes down to weight loss is your metabolism of fat. Now, one of the vital organs within your body known as the liver is the main component in metabolising the fat within your body by taking your stored fat and making it available as energy to be burned away. Now with this process that the liver carries out it allows you to effectively burn away all that excess fat on your body producing weight loss.

Now you might be thinking what water has to do with this. Well another vital job for your liver is to help out the kidneys within your body and effectively help do their job when they are not doing their job properly. Your kidneys actually thrive on water and when they are deprived of the fluid, they slack off and your liver is left to pick up where they left off, which effectively pulls the liver from the job of metabolising your stored fat. So, by keeping your body well watered and providing your vital organs including your kidneys with the water they thrive, it then assists each and every organ to focus on their own jobs keeping your body ticking over nicely. Deprive it and the organs within your body will not work to their maximum potential, which in this case is to assist you with weight loss.

You should be aiming to get 8 glasses of water a day into your body, or enough to quench your thirst,  which isn't a lot when you think about it, but as with anything the more the better.  But similarly to drinking too little water, drinking too much water can also have an adverse affect on you. The 8 glasses is a guide and some people will require more and some less, depending on activity, size and how quickly you dissipate heat. 

The problem is many of us tend to consume too little water. Plus water has great benefits for your organs(skin, liver, heart, kidneys).

Not only for your weight loss, drinking water daily will have huge benefits to your well-being. It is great for the skin and a clear mind. Sacrifice that cup of coffee in the morning for a glass of water and see if you can feel the difference. 

The main point to remember is that water is your friend and is there to help your body, deprive it and you will hinder the process of weight loss but by applying this simple rule it just adds more armoury to your arsenal in the fight against fat.

So don’t just drink water to rehydrate. Drink water to lose the weight.

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