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Posted by Michael Winter on 08/15/2019

How do you measure health and wellness?

How do you measure health and wellness?

Being in the health and wellness industry, and being highly passionate about corporate health and wellbeing, companies are often apprehensive about implementing health and wellbeing programs, as it is difficult and almost impossible to measure. But I ask you, does everything need to be objective and placed in their KPI outcome with a tick next to it.

I encourage those who are procrastinating about measuring health and wellness to have a look at these 6 points below, and hopefully they can provide some clarity and make it easier for you to find reasons why you should vs should not. If measuring and evaluating is the factor holding you back.

1.Utilisation by employees
2.Positive feedback from employees
3.Overall improvement in employee satisfaction
4.Requests for additional programs
5.Reduction in sick days and absentees
6.Employees likelihood to recommend the program

Of course, if you currently have a program in place, feel free to use these steps for your own evaluation.

There is not a one-size-fits-all measurement strategy for all organisations, but these provide a good starting point for discussion.

How do you measure your health and wellness programs?

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