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How to fit exercise in your busy day

How to fit exercise in your busy day

We all have those days when you are so busy you just can’t fit another thing in.  Generally those are the days that your exercise plans you out the window.  Remember you don’t have to set aside hours each day to exercise.  Spending 10-15mins doing something is better than nothing.

Here are my tips to fit exercise into your schedule.

  • Set the alarm to get up half an hour earlier; make sure you have all your gear laid out so all you need to do is put it on.  Have a plan as to what you are going to do - eg a 5 min warm up then a 16-20min tabata session - 20secs work/10sec rest x 8 total of 4mins.  Eg squats or squat jumps; push up; dips; crunches; plank hold; lunges; burpees; mountain climbers.  Make sure you cool down and stretch then hit the shower.  Your session is done.
  • If you can’t get up earlier include incidental exercise in your day.  Walk the stairs, escalator etc; Squat whilst taking a phone call; lunge while taking a phone call; do calf raises while waiting for the microwave; stand on one leg while brushing your teeth (balance is important).
  • Get out of the office at lunchtime - even if you don’t have the facility or time to have a shower at work, take your trainers to work and head outside at lunchtime.  Go for a walk preferably in a park or somewhere nice.  Stop at a bench and do 10 tricep dips; then 10 push up using the back of the bench; move on and stop and do some squats/lunges or step ups.  Even if it is only 15mins you will come back feeling better and you will be more productive than if you sat at your desk and ate your lunch.
  • Taking the kids to their sports practice - take your gear and go for a walk or run while they are doing their training.  Run or walk around the oval, you can still be close by if needed.
  • Take the dog for a walk.  Rover needs to be exercised as well and depending on the size of the dog generally you feel safe walking a dog in the dark.  Even if it’s just around the block after dinner.  The dog will love you for it too.
  • Making an appointment with yourself to exercise (or a trainer or friend) - treat exercise like any other appointment such as getting your hair done or your nails done.  It is important to your health.
  • Sign up for an event eg Mothers’ Day Classic, Run Geelong, Rip to River.  Knowing you have something coming up will make you more motivated to get out - refer to #1. 

Exercise should be considered a gift, not a chore.  When you change your mindset and realise that exercise is fun then you will feel more likely to take part and make it a priority in your life, even if you are busy.

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