Posted by MarionPT on 06/17/2019

How to NOT destroy your metabolism

How to NOT destroy your metabolism

Cutting your calories too low for too long combined with a cardio based fitness training is a sure way to slow down your natural metabolism which is not ideal for your body.
What does this mean?
When you cut calories, your body adapts its natural calorie burn to try to match your intake.
Adding the stimulus of lots of cardiovascular training further causes a slow down as your body tries to adapt to becoming better and more efficient.

Since cardiovascular training requires endurance and little strength your body brings down muscle mass to make you a more efficient and lighter for cardio-vascular activities.
To keep your metabolism up, try to inject some higher calorie days every two to four weeks and make resistance training your focus. This will tell your body to get stronger which results in more muscle.
We recommend that you choose movement patterns that offer injury prevention and improved performance in the environment where you work and play in (Better known as functional training).
The most important movement patterns for general motor skills development are (aside from walking) squatting, lunging, bending, pushing, pulling and twisting. These patterns are most functional when performed standing and unsupported by a balance aid of any type.

Of course, we are more than happy to help you get the most out of these movements, to coach and motivate you. So that you too can be a mean lean fat burning machine.

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