Posted by Rebalance Coach on 06/24/2019

How to understand the value of your health!

How to understand the value of your health!

It's an interesting one this one! 

What $$ figure do you put on your health each month?

Let's break this common scenario down:

Something happens that forces you to look at your monthly expenses and areas where you can save some $$.

Some common examples are to cancel things like gym memberships, nutrition coaching memberships, injury rehab appointments or maybe to stop buying self development books or even stop learning altogether, or maybe it's to start buying cheaper packaged food items rather than fresh and more nutritious food items. We can react in vicious ways. I've been there many many times over the years.

There can be a tendency to undervalue the things that will lead us to be happier and healthier in the future. Things like exercising to get stronger and improve posture, recruiting a coach to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve our mindset, increase our internal vitality, perform better, reduce illness, reduce medical bills, live longer, live better etc.

This is how I've learned to look at this situation.

I look at costs associated to gym, nutrition, self development etc as non-negotiables!

My NON-negotiables: (things I will never sacrifice and always invest in)

➣ Gym/exercise

➣ Fresh, whole, nutritious food

➣ Nutritional skill development

➣ Mindset development

➣ Injury rehab

➣ Dedicated family, partner, me time

My negotiables: (things I can reduce/change or sacrifice)

➣ Mobile, Internet or Pay TV plans/providers

➣ Insurances

➣ Home energy usage

➣ Alcohol 

➣ Luxury items

➣ Cafe coffee

➣ Dining out

Maybe this mindset approach can help you reassess how you value your health, to ensure your not rebounding and also ensuring you're inching your way to long term success!

Rebalance Coaching memberships start at $69/month (or a monthly reduction of 2x bottles of wine, 4x cafe coffees and a $10/month downgrade on a phone, TV or energy plan).

The #outcome here is to get you thinking about the value of your health so I hope this has helped!

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