Posted by Dellafit on 06/07/2019

I'm the "new girl" starting a fitness program

I'm the

Being the “new girl” when you are starting a fitness program is not fun.  It can be even worse when we feel vulnerable because we know we are not in good shape.  We worry that the instructor will give the command and the whole group will go dashing off, leaving us gasping for breath and feeling embarressed about our lack of fitness.

Here is the thing – everyone had to start somewhere.  It is hard to get fit on your own – it’s actually heaps more fun and likely to be more successful if you work with a group.  And you should be able to go to the group from day 1 – not after you have worked to get fit on your own.  If you pick the right group you should not be made to feel inferior because you are not as fit as others who may have been training for years.  In fact you will find yourself feeling inspired and hopeful that you too can become as fit as some of the others in the group.  Training with women like yourself will actually be quite motivating – you are on your way to being able to mix it with the best of them.

And another thing that may cheer you up is that when you first start a fitness program you will notice an improvement in your fitness after only a few sessions.  Although it may take longer to reach the level of fitness you are after it is quite encouraging to feel yourself getting fitter after only a few sessions.  As you become more familiar with the exercises and the feelings in your body and what you are capable of when you try – you will really start to see an improvement.  That improvement is what will keep you coming back for more.  As well as all of the “feel good” endorphins that will be coming your way.

A group fitness session will never be (and should never be) “easy” even for the women who are super fit.  A good instructor will make sure everyone (no matter what their fitness level) feels challenged.  But sometimes the hardest challenge is just to show up.  So as we head into spring – why not take the first step and start that fitness program? You won’t be the new girl for long.

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