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Posted by Michael Winter on 06/18/2019

Made to move. Yes we are

Made to move. Yes we are

It appears that there is much confusion about our evolution as humans in some areas of society with regards to fitness and endurance training and comparisons of our primordial ancestors.

My point of the day……

We were made to move and be strong. How do we come to this conclusion??? I am glad you asked.

Firstly, as humans we have the ability to outrun all animals over a distance of 10+ kilometres. Now stay with me. You wander how this is relevant.

We cannot run any faster then most if not all animals, so when we hunted way back when, we were not the fastest but we had the endurance to follow and track animals so when they eventually slowed down, rested we could hunt them down.

Conclusion, our bodies were made to move and be fit. We have evolved somewhat since then, but our basic structure to move has not.

Point number two, the other reason why we are able to move efficiently over such distances is humans are able to cool themselves down significantly better than the animals we hunt. As our brain had evolved we have the capacity to cool ourselves and not overheat. Our hypothalamus allows us to function in this matter.

The animals we were hunting could not do this and with their energy output being much, much larger, their heart rate going much higher, they needed to rest to cool down and re-energise.

So you can see how the puzzle is fitting together.

Conclusion: People. We were structurally made to move, so utilise the opportunity and make the most of the day.


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