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Posted by Gaye Becker on 07/10/2019

Our top 5 tips for mums returning back to fitness!!

Our top 5 tips for mums returning back to fitness!!

Core Fitness Mums N Bubs have created place for mums to make friends, get fit and feel great within their bodies? The program has been designed to help mums return back into fitness with all fitness levels in mind. At Core fitness we understanding that life doesn’t always go to plan (especially with kids.)

It’s okay to gradually resume exercising as soon as you get the go-ahead from your doctor or midwife, and as long as you feel up to it.


it’s a great opportunity to ask questions and find out how you’re both doing.

After birth you could be experiencing Joint pain, this may be due to the body still producing the hormone relaxin…Pelvic floor and abdominal issues

Some of the question you should be asking your medical professional;

  • Can you check my abdominal separation?
  • Can you show me how to Activate my pelvic floor muscles correctly?
  • Can you recommend a female post-natal physiotherapist…especially one that uses an ultrasound?


Yes, mums we can sometime have the all or nothing mentality and throw a baby into the mix ends up being the nothing mentality…life is different now so we have to find way to make it work…there will be days when unexpected things come up.

  • Make a commitment to yourself
  • Set goals
  • keep your metabolism firing, build strength, prevent injury, improve your posture and to increase the tone your muscles it’s super important to incorporate strength training!

If you can get to an organised mums and bubs fitness group it’s the perfect way to get fit while bringing your baby, and provides social interaction with other mums facing the same issues. It will help reduce the feelings of isolation and improve your self-esteem.



 May worry about whether exercise can affect breastfeeding.

According to The Australian breast-feeding association…moderate exercise does not affect breastmilk supply, or important immune factors, major minerals, and nutrients in breastmilk.

It is always best to breast feed before you start exercise, may give you a bit of comfort. Wear an appropriate maternity sports bra that offers good support. Don’t rely on your pre-pregnancy sports bra because your back and cup size are likely to have changed. You could check out this site


Starting out hydrated is a good choice for exercisers. Drink water before your workout; you lose water while you exercise even without heavy perspiration. Ingesting at least a glass of pure water shortly after rising is a good way to hydrate your system.

By drinking an adequate amount of water each day, you can ensure that your body has all it needs to maintain good health.


Looking after a new baby takes up a huge amount of time and energy.

This means you’ll probably have less time for shopping and for preparing and cooking snacks and meals. But eating well goes a long way towards helping you keep your energy levels up.

For good health, you need to eat a wide variety of foods every day from five main food groups.

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