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Put your oxygen mask on before assisting others

Put your oxygen mask on before assisting others

If you've ever been on a commercial flight then you will be familiar with the safety announcements prior to take off, 'if an oxygen mask should fall down in front of you please secure your own mask before helping others. If you have ever done a first aid course you will know that you need to check for danger before entering a situation and to look after yourself first, as you cannot help the casualty if you have put yourself in danger. But as a Mum you put yourself last on the priority list.

You take care of the kids when they get sick, you look after your spouse/partner or significant other when they are unwell, you take the dog, cat and bird to the vet, but who looks after you? What happens when you get sick? You are the cement that holds the family together, they can't operate without you, but what does happen if you can't look after them?

Your family need you to be fit and well, you can't look after them if you are sick, tired and depressed. They want you to join them on that bike ride or go swimming during that summer holiday. You're their Mum, they love you & you love them, and you do everything for them. You feel selfish if you look after yourself when in fact you may be being selfish if you don't.

You tell yourself once the kids get older you will have more time to yourself, but will you? The kids are staying at home longer these days and then once they have gone you have your parents and possibly your partner's parents to look after. The longer you go without taking care of yourself the more severe the consequences.

Here are a few things that you need to do to look after yourself so you can look after your family.

  • Eat well - if you aren't eating well then neither are your family. You are the one who sets the example, serving and eating good nutritious food with keep your family and you healthy. You can't survive a busy day on a cup of coffee for breakfast.
  • Exercise - be an example for your children. They will see you value your health and enjoy exercise. They will benefit from you being in a better mood, less stressed, less tired and they will follow your lead. If you get time to do something by yourself get the kids to join in. Take them to the park and run around with them, get them to ride their bikes while you run or walk. Get them to play on the oval while you run.
  • Drink water - stay hydrated, dehydration leads to exhaustion.
  • Have a bath - water is soothing to the body and the brain. Put in some bubblebath and put on some music and relax.
  • Connect with friends - whether it be an exercise session, a walk on the beach or a coffee. Spend time with friends, research has shown that women gain health benefits from friendships.
  • Get enough sleep - once you have kids you never sleep again! Do your best to get 7-9 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep not only leaves you tired, it leads to increased weight, moodiness, lack of concentration and poor nutrition choices. Try to get to bed earlier, stop using technology an hour before bedtime, instead read a book.

You can't be everything to everyone all of the time. Putting yourself first isn't being selfish or meaning you are a 'bad' mum. It actually means that you value yourself and your family as you won't be exhausted, tired, moody, depressed and constantly stretched. Don't do it for you do it for those you love and who love you.

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