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Posted by Michael Winter on 02/04/2020

Sleep Deprivation is a not the way to succeed!

Sleep Deprivation is a not the way to succeed!
Sacrificing sleep in order to work more is often portrayed as a sign of mental strength and dedication. The latest science suggests the opposite: sleep deprivation has negative consequences not only for our mental focus, but also for our emotional and physical health.

Insufficient sleep is a real problem for more than 40% employees and it affects almost every aspect of their professional and personal lives. Sleep deficiency has been linked to serious health conditions, such as: stroke, obesity, diabetes, anxiety, depression, heart disease, and cancer.

Negative Impact on Productivity

In addition to the long-term effects that poor sleep has on employee health, it is also a major culprit behind poor workplace performance.

Up to 75% of sleep deprived employees feel tired at some point during the day, while nearly half report nodding off at work at least once a month. Close to 70% are less able to remain focused in meetings, 68% take longer to complete tasks, and 65% struggle to find original ideas.

Raising Employee Sleep Quality

Even though 92.5 percent of employers say that lack of sleep is one of the main problems affecting their employees, little is done about it. 

By integrating quality sleep with a wellbeing program, not only will your employees be more productive at work, but they will acquire the mental strength and energy to sustain other healthy habits in their lives.

World sleep day coming up on the 13th, March it could be a great time to look at the sleeping patterns of your employees and see how a good night's sleep can really go a long way to making a positive change to your workplace.

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