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Posted by Gaye Becker on 07/10/2019

When life gets in the way of your plans!!

When life gets in the way of your plans!!


  • Work commitments
  • Sickness
  • Money
  • Family commitments
  • Unrealistic expectations

Can easily talk you out of your exercise plans.

 Then we think maybe I need something else to motivate me, and there are so many options out there these days and we are always looking for the next best thing: Which Gym, What class, what do they offer, Will this be my fit? End of the day just make a choice and stick to it, just pull the trigger. There will always be a reason why you shouldn’t do something, The trick? Just start and push through the insecurity that stops you.

Be consistent

Consistency will keep you going unfailing, hard work will help maintain the momentum you created by first pulling the trigger.

 “Aristotle once said Excellence, then is not an act…but a habit!”

 Systematize everything: leaves more mental room for other things.

 Super charge your fitness goals with your values: 

Align your fitness goals with your Valuesthe important thing to know is that when we have strong values, and positive values, they will be integral to our achieving what we want in this life… This will help you succeed in attaining your goals.

 Strive for the process not the outcome:  

we all have results we want to achieve Lose weight, Tone, feel healthier, and build strength… These are positive things, and they motivate us to take action.

The problem comes when we become obsessed with the result and we forget about the process that will get us there.

Keep it real: 

Small baby steps, you’re not going to skim off 3 pounds in a week. ..Aim for something realistic as a first step.

Do it for yourself: 

Those who are internally motivated- meaning they exercise because they love it, are the ones who stay in it for the long run.

Hang tough: 

No-one has perfect form first day, every workout takes practice.

Bring a friend:

 When you inner demons order you to stay on the couch instead of your fitness routine, a workout partner can steer you right back.

Track It: Keep a record.


Even the smallest goals, even starting a fitness regime should be celebrated.

So make your commitment today!!

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