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Posted by Stefanie Dugandzich on 05/22/2019

Exercise Can Help with Dealing with Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Exercise Can Help with Dealing with Anxiety & Panic Attacks

The logical reasons to exercise are for the feeling of being fit, weight loss, increased strength – the list goes on. These are all great reasons, but I am here to tell you that these are not the only benefits of adding regular exercise to your lifestyle.

In today’s society there is a lot of stress – whether it be in the pressures of your highly demanding job, the day-to-day stresses of running around after children with school, after-school activities, sports, tutoring (the list is endless) or added stress of bills etc. We start to put a lot of added stress on ourselves and sadly anxiety & panic attacks are becoming more common.

For someone with anxiety, they can find it hard to deal with the added stress and not sure how to cope. They might not even realise they are suffering from anxiety.

It’s something that isn’t talked about enough but it something that is very real and something that needs to be addressed to help and offer assistance. You are not alone.

One thing that can help with anxiety & panic attacks is a regular exercise program. I know the thought of exercise can sound daunting and those feelings of stress might start to rise but with some regular exercise, you can get benefits that might assist with anxiety & panic attacks.

Some of the benefits:
– Exercise is a proactive way to release pent-up tension & reduce feelings of fear & worry
– Regular exercise can ease symptoms & alleviate common issues brought on by nervousness
– Using exercise can help reduce tightness & tension held in your body
– Regular exercise can produce endorphins – the body natural mood-enhancers that fight off pain, stress & bonus they make you feel better & happier
-Studies have shown exercise can decrease a persons sensitivity to the body reaction to anxiety as well as decrease intensity & frequency of panic attacks

Obviously, exercise is only 1 way that can assist in anxiety & panic disorders. But exercise is great for anyone who is feeling stressed, exhausted or looking for a way to release some pent-up tension. You may also notice a shift in your self-confidence, reduced anxiety & improved physical health.

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