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Posted by Stefanie Dugandzich on 07/30/2019

How do you deal with criticism?

How do you deal with criticism?

You are probably never going to be a star, and your athleticism is below standard. You should improve or you will have limited success.

These are some of the criticisms Stephen Curry, one of the NBA’s most valuable players, faced before he became the star he is today.

As this proves no one is immune to criticism, what ultimately matters is how you react to it. Why is this so important?

Scrutiny can not only affect your self-esteem negatively, but can lead to feelings of anger, and this can be prejudicial to your performance. There is no going around the fact that no one likes to be criticized, especially at something they work hard to excel at and sacrifice so much for.

Fortunately, it is possible to take criticism well, and what’s even better, benefit from it. To do that, ask yourself the following questions:

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