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Posted by Michael Winter on 08/04/2020

Mental health solutions for self isolation

Mental health solutions for self isolation

One of the challenges of self-isolating and remote working is managing loneliness, which is already a growing problem among workers.

Here are 5 ways to overcome this loneliness and isolation:

1. Support physical activity
Encourage employees to take classes(virtual if need be) to break up the day or start a new healthy habit focused on exercise buddies.

2. Fight monotony
Encourage work from home employees to go out for a walk for a change of scenery and to phone a friend to re-create workplace feeling.

3. Maintain active relationships
Encourage employees to meet for virtual coffee breaks or schedule stand down calls to signal the end of the day while also providing a social break that mimics what employees are used to experiencing in the workplace.

4. Mindfulness
Mindful practice can do more than lower stress, it can also provide a time for employees to filter out distracting stimuli to help drive focus, prevent anxiety and depression, and boost feelings of self-worth.

5. Leverage established workforce groups
Your wellbeing champions, safety, diversity and young professional groups represent the unique fabric of your workforce. Encourage group leaders to identify one or two ways to keep groups active during the disruption.

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