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Posted by Michael Winter on 07/01/2020

When is it best to work for your productivity?

When is it best to work for your productivity?

11am is the most productive time of the day. The mid-morning period syncs with our bodies’ circadian rhythms, therefore the more that work coincides with these rhythms, the greater your productivity.

If you’re hoping to cross that complex task off your to-do list, avoid working on it between 2pm and 3pm, as this marks a low energy point.

Which day is best to be productive?
It’s time to forget the Monday blues, as the start of the working week is when our minds are sharpest.
Tuesday the other high-performing day.
As you might begin to conclude as the working week progresses, our productivity levels drop. Thursday and Friday are the lowest-performing days to complete tasks.


Tackle complex projects early in the day. Make the most of your peak brain power and plough through those daunting tasks on your to-do list. Avoid checking your emails in the morning - this will drain your productivity.
To combat the post-lunch slump, devote this time to smaller tasks, such as cleaning out your inbox, or organising your files.

Schedule longer meetings for the afternoon. Again, capitalise on your morning energy surge to flex your creativity.

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