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Looking to get fit outdoors under the guidance of a personal trainer? Do you want to be challenged and reach new goals? Joining a bootcamp program is a great way to improve your strength and fitness over a short length of time. Whether you are new to exercise or a fitness guru, you will definitely get something out of a bootcamp program. 

The bootcamp concept was developed using military inspired techniques to help motivate those who take part. Don’t worry, its not about a drill sergeant yelling and screaming, bootcamps are a positive environment to work out in. Instructors rely on motivational techniques to get you to work at your best and army inspired exercises to see great physical results as well. 

What Results Can I Expect From A Bootcamp Program? 

Bootcamps usually run over a set amount of time, commonly they will run for four six or eight weeks. Nearly all bootcamps are set outdoors including at the beach or a local park; you will meet for bootcamp Sydney workouts anywhere from twice a week to daily, depending on your preference and the trainer’s schedule.  

Bootcamps are great if you are looking to lose weight, as you are almost guaranteed an excellent cardio workout. For those that are new to fitness, you definitely will be jumping in the deep end, but programs are often designed with this in mind. Expect it to be a challenge, but expect results that coincide with this. 

Usually, in the first class and the last class your instructor will give you a fitness test to complete. They may also take measurements and weight as well, though this is not always the case. You will be surprised just how much your bootcamp workout has improved your cardiovascular fitness and muscular definition by the last session. 

What Happens During Bootcamp Classes? 

A bootcamp class will generally be made up of a short warm up, some cardiovascular exercise such as jogging or aerobics as well as some time dedicated to working on muscular strength. It’s very unlikely that you will ever find yourself doing the same class twice. Instructors will always come up with new activities and challenges to keep you interested. Don’t ever expect to be bored in a bootcamp class! You may find your personal trainer has a download bootcamp option if they have a website, which may allow you to get a peek at the program beforehand. 

No matter what your level of fitness, your bootcamp instructor will make sure that you are always challenged and that your fitness level is improving. It is likely that people in the class will be at different levels, but you will either be split into different groups, or given slightly different activities.