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Boxing Fitness Classes 

Boxing fitness classes are becoming more and more popular right around Australia. including Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne just to name a few. In These classes have become a part of the timetable for group exercises in many gyms and are also performed outdoors under the supervision of qualified instructors. You don’t have to have any experience in boxing or kickboxing, although you may especially enjoy the class if you have enjoyed boxing training before. Whether you are a professional boxer or have never done any fitness training before, boxing is a great fast paced class that you will come to enjoy. 

What Happens in a Class? 

Most classes will provide you with boxing gloves, but you are usually welcome to bring your own. If this is your first class, be sure to introduce yourself to the trainer. They should be able to show you some of the basic moves that you will use in the class light fighting stance, combat stance and the correct way to punch as a boxer. 

Every boxing class is different. Some may involve direct contact with other participants were you will learn to punch, kick and block with a partner. In other classes you may have no contact at all with others. In general, smaller classes with a personal trainer will involve direct combat, while larger group exercise classes in a gym environment will be or a more individual style with a greater focus on cardiovascular fitness rather than muscular development. 

It may take you a few classes to learn the right ways to punch and stand in a boxing class. Most people feel a little uncomfortable in their first class. It does get much easier as you go along. Once you have the basics down you will be able to really get into the class and enjoy the excellent workout you receive. 

Boxing classes are often quite social. The amount of direct contact means you get to meet new people. A lot of people chose to attend boxing classes because they find regular gym workouts boring, boxing is always changing and keeps you challenged. 

What are the Benefits of Boxing?  

All aerobic exercise will help you increase your fitness and lose weight. The added benefit of boxing and kickboxing classes is that you will also achieve great muscle definition, in particular to the arms and shoulders. 

Many have found that that boxing has helped increase their confidence. Beyond looking better physically, learning fighting styles and techniques can be empowering for some people. Those with stressful work or home lives find that spending some time doing boxing training allows them to release tension and lowers their stress levels.