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Corporate Fitness

Corporate Fitness 

It’s well known that participating in regular exercise is integral to all round good health and fitness. People who exercise are likely to live longer and enjoy better health. Studies have also shown that those who exercise also make better employees. They have increased productivity, less sick days and stay at jobs for longer. 

With this in mind, it becomes feasible that employers take interest in the health and wellbeing of their employees. Corporate fitness or Corporate Wellness programs are being implemented in many businesses in Australia and around the world. In return for their investments employers are finding they have happier and healthier work force, while employees also enjoy the benefits as well. 

What Can I Expect in Corporate Fitness Classes? 

Corporate fitness classes are designed to fit in with the busy working schedule that, any of us take on. They are usually run before or after work, or on lunch breaks. Some will occur in the office or a nearby gym, or even a local park. 

All sorts of exercise can take place in the form of corporate fitness. It may be a yoga or Pilates class to help strength and flexibility, an aerobic session or even a boxing class. The possibilities are unlimited. 

Classes are usually catered to suit all fitness levels, so that all staff can take part. Aerobics classes with high and low impact choices are popular. Bootcamp style classes that mix up cardio and strength exercises are also a good choice. 

Some businesses, especially in urban areas approach corporate fitness by having a gym on site which is free for employees, or offering subsidized gym membership prices for a nearby health club. These corporate fitness programs are also popular and provide similar results. 

What Are The Benefits of Corporate Fitness?  

Of course, the obvious benefit of corporate fitness is the increased health and fitness of those who take part. Reduced absenteeism and improved productivity will also be experienced by the employer. 

Corporate fitness classes have also been known to improve relations within the workforce, that is that employees build and strengthen relationships through exercising together. If your company ahs been considering team building exercises then this is a great way of doing so. 

A good corporate fitness program may also mean that your employees stay with you longer. When they feel that they are getting a good deal and their employer is giving back they are less likely to look for another job. Similarly, prospective employees on the job market may be attracted to your company for this reason.