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Gold Coast

Personal Trainers in Gold Coast


 Achieving a good level of fitness is key to enjoying and making the best of all aspects of your life. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly are more likely to live longer and have lower levels of stress. With Gold Coast’s beautiful beaches and café lifestyle, you not only want to feel your best but look your best as well. One of the best ways to achieve your fitness goals is personal training.


A personal trainer will work with you to establish a plan to achieve the best results for you. They will focus on increasing your cardiovascular fitness, your strength and also your flexibility. Whether in a fitness gym or an outdoor class, a personal trainer can help you increase you motivation levels and achieve your personal best.


Personal Training Locations Around Gold Coast


If you are looking to exercise outside in Gold Coast you can’t go past some of the excellent beach locations on offer. Bondi, Clovely or Bronte beaches is host to many group classes, bootcamps and even the occasional volleyball competition. Likewise, many personal trainers are basing their classes around picturesque Coogee.


IF you work in the CBD, then you will find the Domain full of other fitness fanatics both before work and around lunch times. Recently, some personal trainers have introduced lunch time express classes. These allow you to get a quick work out in on your lunch break.


For those who don’t live close to the CBD, you likely need not look past your local park to participate in outdoor exercise. Many personal trainers run classes in most suburbs, so there is likely to be a trainer working close to you. If you live in the Inner West including Glebe, Balmain and Pyrmont or South Gold Coast at Rockdale and Banksia, or Western suburbs including Parramatta, Blacktown their will be trainers to choose that  will suit your fitness needs


Gold Coast’s climate allows outdoor exercise for most of the year. Trainers will operate classes in all months. You may need to sweat it out on a few hot days in summer, and jog through a bit of mud in winter, but for the most part be prepared for good conditions. If you trainer ever considers conditions to be dangerous then your class will be cancelled.


Styles of Personal Training Available in Gold Coast


The most popular style of personal training in Gold Coast is one on one. This is where you trainer will meet with you once or twice a week and work with you to meet your health goals. You can also join a group class with a personal trainer, in this instance, a small group of people will work with the trainer at the same time.


Most gyms and health clubs in Gold Coast also offer a personal training service. If you are looking at getting to know some of the gym equipment better this is a good option. Having the help of a personal trainer is not only motivational but can also help you avoid injury.


Some personal trainers run their own studios exclusively for their clients. This fitness gyms are great if you are worried about weather conditions or just don’t feel comfortable outdoors.