Personal Trainers in Melbourne 


Every day more and more people around Melbourne are enlisting the help of a personal trainer to achieve their fitness goals. A good level of health and fitness is an important part of everyone’s lifestyle, while many of us commit to improving on our fitness, not all of us are able to reach the goals we set for ourselves without help. A trainer can help give you the extra motivation you need, often people who have trainers find they are able to give that little bit extra in every fitness training session.


To achieve all round health and vitality your training program should include measure to improve your cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility. While walking around the block or occasionally attending a gym is fine, it is difficult to tailor a program that meets these three goals without the expertise that personal trainers can bring to the table.


Personal Training Locations Around Melbourne


Melbourne is full of parks which make great locations for outdoor exercise. Albert Park Lake, just a few kilometers from the CBD has plenty of parkland, tracks for bike riding and running as well as an Olympic sized swimming pool. The Royal Botanical gardens, close to Melbourne’s centre, boasts ‘The Tan’, one of Melbourne’s most popular running tracks.


There are some beautiful beaches around Melbourne which make for great early morning workouts. St Kilda and Elwood beaches are popular choices and play host to many Yoga and Tai Chi classes.


If you’re a cyclist there are some excellent tracks around Melbourne. Many like to ride from Melbourne city to Mordialloc, via beach road. On a Sunday morning cyclists have a dedicated lane for save riding.


Central Park in Malvern is often full of joggers and other exercisers. This park is popular with personal trainers and also has been known to be the locale of a few different bootcamp programs.


In the eastern suburbs you can visit Jell’s Park which has some great walking tracks and sealed bike paths set around a lake and parkland. You will find early morning exercise classes are run here. Further out again you will find the Dandenong Ranges National Park, host to some excellent hikes.


During Spring, Autumn and Summer you will find the weather fine for outdoor training, give or take the occasional shower. June, July and August are rainy and windy so you might like to take your fitness training indoors during winter. Most trainers do work outdoors during winter, but will cancel if conditions are particularly wet and muddy.


Styles of Personal Training Available in Melbourne


Personal training can either be don’t in a one on one situation where the trainer works with you individually to work on your goals. The benefit of this is that you have the trainer’s full attention. If you are new to exercise and worried about technique or injury this is a good option. Group training involves small classes meeting together with a trainer to work together towards similar goals. If you have a few friends looking to get fit you are able to organize classes together. This is a more affordable way of working with a personal trainer.


If you love outdoor training, there is plenty to choose from in Melbourne. Bootcamps have spread all over the city and metropolitan areas, there is likely a bootcamp taking place in a park near you. Many mobile personal trainers also hold outdoor classes of small groups and also individuals on request.


Most gyms around Melbourne have on staff personal trainers that are able to help you with your fitness goals. Keep in mind though, that a personal trainer will most likely not be included in your gym membership fees.