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About Evie


Hi, my name is Evie and I am a Personal Trainer a Health Coach and the owner of Total Fitness Training.

I started in this industry 10 years ago because I wanted to make a difference. I have always loved feeling healthy and strong. And I wanted to help others feel the same. 

Over the years, I have trained and helped hundreds of clients all over Sydney to achieve their goals. There is no better feeling than having helped someone achieve their goal and to know I have made a difference in their life. My journey has taken me from a Master Trainer to focusing on Boxing, Advanced Power Lifting and Crossfit. 

From my first day as a personal trainer I have loved to teach people about exercise, nutrition and about the right balance in life. I have used this passion to fuel my goal to create a business that would help and teach others.

I have lived by the motto everything is ok in moderation, to be good 80% of the time and indulge a little 20%. 

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