Posted by Maria Mendez-Ortega on 11/27/2020 in Sport

My practice


My practice takes about 7 hours, starting very early at 2:50 am every day. From these 7 hours, only 2 correspond to physical practice where one does postures, or what is known as yoga in the west. The rest of the time is dedicated to more subtle practices that are directed to harness pranic energy and get you to spontaneously enter a meditative state. Meditation is not something that is "done", as it is commonly misunderstood. Meditation is a result of a prolonged, continuous and unbroken thread of pure concentration. Therefore, all that you are doing as meditation practices are really breathing and concentration techniques. Without proper guidance and understanding, you'll never get to experience anything more than a transitory and fragile state of peace.

From my practice, I gather great amounts of energy. This is why I don't need to sleep much and I always have high levels of energy while maintaining a stable state of peace and tranquility.

My practice is the basis of my teaching in all levels, the physical, the emotional, the intellectual, the psychic, the energetic and the intuitive. When I teach I enter a meditative state and my teaching comes from it.

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