Posted by guzzFIT on 05/20/2019

Best to stretch your centre quad muscle before hip flexor!

Stretching your Hip Flexor (Psoas) regularly is an important stretching effort to perform frequently.
The more time we spend in a seated position the shorter our Hip Flexors are likely to become, short Hip Flexors cause the lower back to curve inward more than it should naturally which makes lower back pain more likely!
Unfortunately you won’t get a Hip Flexor stretch unless you stretch your Centre Quad first, the Centre Quad (Rec Fem) is a bigger more powerful muscle than the Hip Flexor so it must be the correct length before the Hip Flexor can be stretched,

It’s ideal that the Hip Flexor is long enough so that you can keep your pelvis quite neutral whilst moving functionally, a good guide to this, is to establish that the thigh bone can retract 20° behind the line of your spine whilst it’s in a neutral position!
Tight muscles mess up firing orders, tight Hip Flexors take the Glute muscles outside their optimal recruitment range, when a muscle is outside it’s idea position to be recruited you will move slower and even recruit muscles that aren’t meant to be recruited, something that also leads to injury!

Hip extension is the way we generate forward movement, the more optimal our Glutes are situated the faster they can be fully recruited to move forward faster!

To function efficiently and continue to progress the right muscle groups need to fire in the correct order.
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