Posted by refresh YOU Pymble on 05/29/2019

Checking your arm swing, it can make a big difference to how you move

Technique is minimal effort running improver that doesn't require more training effort, perhaps a bit more mental effort.

But why?

Technique allows you to utilize the effort you put in more efficiently. You get more out from the effort you put in. Which will mean in the end you will move further or faster for the same amount of effort.

In this video we look at ARM SWING.

Arm swing when running can help you conserve energy, aid stability and balance and keep you moving forward. It is probably something we don't pay much attention to but can be easily practiced and can quickly improve your running.  For the everyday runner it can help you when you are trying to run longer, or if you are feeling fatigued then make yourself more efficient so you can keep moving.

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