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Posted by Claire Owen on 07/24/2019

Freestyle Arm Recovery Front View

The clip drills down on the challenging whole stroke timing elements of freestyle. The aim is to swim a low stroke rate, low effort swim, but improve distance per stroke / efficiency due to improved stroke timing. There are obvious changes that happen with higher stroke rates, but when a swimmer gets this right at slow tempo's, they improve their chances of maintaining stroke efficiency at higher tempo's as they 'hold the water' rather than 'spin the wheels'. The swimmer demonstrates capitalising on maintaining a stream lined position, not breaking that low drag streamlining. The streamlined position helps fore and aft balance, optimal body angle (although a touch over rotated on one side), ultimate drag reducing positions that elicits at 15/16 SPL over 25m (36 SPL/50m). The streamlined position also acts like an axle, strong and stable so that the recovery arm revolution is clean, quick and un-impinged in any way around the shoulder joint. We coach swimmers to achieve this through multiple skills, drills and focal points over short distance practice swims. Then increasing the challenge with longer distance's and progressive tempo ( stroke rate) increase's with the Finis Tempo trainer.

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