Posted by Step Into Life Pymble on 06/18/2019

How to fix 6 common Push Up mistakes

As promised, here is the follow up video. Push ups an exercise that everybody should be able to do. In a previous video I ran through basic technique. Including modified versions that can safely help you build up your strength, so you don't have to compromise your technique. Here are 6 common versions of a push up that you might see in the gym or park and how to correct them. You might notice that most can be corrected by modifying to an easier version as poor technique is often due to a lack of strength. 

Self evaluate or find a friend who can watch you and then try correcting yourself

I truly believe that if you pick the right version of a push up you can do this exercise well and get some great benefits. A good example could be using a modified version for HiiT training so you can keep the repetition speed high and not come to a complete stand still. But for strength gains, a full version, provided you can do that and a slower repetition speed. Be brave try it something different.

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