Posted by refresh YOU Pymble on 05/29/2019

Improve your running without any extra effort, try these two tips

If your starting to run for fitness or have been running for a while. These two tips I like to think are gold. Why are they gold? Well they don't require you to run further, fast or more. You only have to use your mind and you don't need to be fit do that.

1. SMILE! Too often you see people out running, they should be congratulated for that, but they look like they have been stabbed in the back, fatigue and pain written all over the face. They do not look like they are enjoying the experience, so how long do you think this habit is going to laugh. Smiling can really change how you feel at that moment, make you feel really positive about what you are doing. More importantly it can make a really difference to the quality of the workout you are experiencing.

2. CHECK YOUR POSTURE! When you combine a lack of a smile with the classic posture of fatigue, head down, stooped shoulders and here are two areas you can quickly address to make your running better and more enjoyable. I believe that little things can make a big difference. Run with good posture makes you more efficient and help you manage fatigue and a smile always makes your feel great. 

Start with these two and you will go a long way to starting a successful running habit. Try these two and see how you feel. Don't forget it does take practise. Do it over and over again.

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