Posted by refresh YOU Pymble on 06/17/2019

Push up the journey from modified to full

Push ups fall into my "Future Proof your body" basket of basic exercises that are worth perfecting and persisting with. falling into the compound group of exercises that utilise multiple muscle groups, they should be in almost every workout. I haven't over complicated things, modified off your knees or perhaps elevated from a bench through to the full version off your toes. My personal belief is that you are better served by doing a modified exercise well before progressing to a harder full version. Push ups is a classic exercise often done poorly because people don't understand how to modify or are reluctant to do the perceived "lesser version". Why should you do them? Consider the fact that falls in the aged population have the greatest effect on mortality rates. When we fall we normal try and arrest our fall by reaching out and catch our selves with our arms. If you lack upper body strength this might result in serious injury to your shoulders or worse a head injury because you lack the strength levels to cope. Not forgetting your muscle can act as shock absorbers. Even disregarding the age population, for active adults of any age being able to cope with impact forces through the shoulders goes a long way toward you remaining active. 

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