Posted by refresh YOU Pymble on 05/29/2019

Start running the easy way and manage your pace

If your starting to run for fitness or have been running for a while here are two quick tips that help you successfully start a running program or add variety to a normal route. 

1. Try not to sabotage your early running efforts by doing to much to early. Be patient and build up to a continuous effort over a number of weeks.  You should then be able to avoid injuries that normally appear when you try to run too quickly and too far, too early. 

2. Hills always present a challenge to new runners, follow my advice and make the extra work pay off by completing them the right way. The walking pace advice can also be applied when fatigue sets in or as part of a walk / run routine. Be patient, be consistent over time and you will be running better and finding it more enjoyable. I believe that little things can make a big difference.

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