Posted by Step Into Life Pymble on 07/04/2019

Two common Lunge faults and how to correct them

Lunges are an exercise that we should all be aiming to include in our fitness routine. Lunges are a great way to improve your leg strength, increase your range of motion and improve your balance. They can however be difficult to master to begin with and will definitely make you legs and hip muscles work harder. I believe that a step back lunge is the best way to start, maximising control and minimising muscle soreness that can result from the more dynamic step forward version. Lunges can also be over looked or avoided because people can experience knee pain, poor balance (I will update this video with some footage for this). The two issues highlighted in this video are the most common issues experienced. My suggestion if you are finding the lunge difficult to master, is try a supported step back lunge version. If you are a runner then this exercise is a must to master to strengthen your gluts and help avoid runners knee issues.  

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