Posted by Maria Mendez-Ortega on 12/01/2020

Why Private Yoga with me?

Everybody's body and mind are unique and different. This is one reason yoga was for a long time taught in a one-on-one way. Not only the practice can be adapted to particular needs, but also, as you progress in the path there are techniques that can only be shared on one-on-one sessions. Yoga is meant to move you from the gross to the subtle, and in this way, higher practices are more subtle but more powerful and hence must be progressively developed under guidance.

A yoga practise should be progressive, meaning that there is an evident evolution of both, body and mind. Physically, your body should become more supple, easy carry around, enhanced, healthy, strong and flexible, working at its utmost performance and energy efficiency at all levels. This becomes evident as you find yourself less frequently falling sick, healing super fast from injuries and wounds, needing less sleep and food, yet having large amounts of energy. Feeling dull and lazy becomes a thing of the past.

On the other side, your self-talk starts transforming to a more empowering and uplifting talk, until it disappears. The sense of peace you gained through your practice starts becoming more established, more stable throughout the day and the week, until one day you discover it has become your natural state of being. More control over the mind results in less unwanted thoughts, which in turn means less suffering. You'll find yourself going through the challenges and difficult situation of life with equanimity, peace and an ability to make better decision through these situations.

If you really want to enhance your life in all levels and dimensions of life, give these sessions a go. You will discover much more than you ever thought possible.

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