Posted by refresh YOU Pymble on 05/29/2019

You can do Burpees, some modifications to make it possible

The standard reaction when you mention Burpees, is to run a mile. I think this is because they are often used as some kind of punishment for being late or being last or just because a trainer wants to "Smash" you.

Yes Burpees a hard exercise because they are dynamic and you use lots of muscle groups. But burpees can easily be modified so people of every fitness level can do them and work up towards harder levels as your fitness improves. This video is not aimed at the super hero fitness person throwing in all sorts of jump and explosive variations. This is aimed at those people that are training for general fitness and health improvement. Trying to bring burpees to the people. It can easily be used as a good, low impact pre-workout mobilizer.

The next level, or complete Burpee would be to add a push up.

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