Posted by refresh YOU Pymble on 05/29/2019

Your first or next Fun Run can be better by trying this

I learnt this strategy as a rowing coach, trying to guide nervous schoolgirl rowers to perform at their best when it was time to race. 

"Fun Runs" are often used as the motivator to kick start a fitness training plan. You enter an event and that helps keep you training and working towards a particular distance, time or participation goal.

Even the most experience runners will tell you that all your months of physical preparation can be wasted because you forgot one simple thing about the event you are doing or missed the start because you miss timed the journey from home.

 Arriving at the start line with your event nerves or stress levels under control is an important part of being able to perform to your best. Spend a few minutes making sure you have all of your clothing and race equipment ready the night before. Then map your time out leading up to the starting gun and you will arrive in the right mental state to make your physical preparation count.

You can also use this during your training as well to help get you out of the door on time for every training run

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