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Posted by Gaye Becker on 07/10/2019

10 Reasons mums need to exercises

10 Reasons mums need to exercises

10 Reasons mums need to fit exercise into their routines!!

There are numerous benefits that come with exercising regularly as a new mum, exercise is a must for everyone; yes it is beneficial for our health, but why is it especially good for Mums? Maybe you want to get back to your pre-baby weight, lose some kilos and look good in that bikini for summer. These are not the only reason Mums’ need to make exercise a priority.


 Stay in touch with your body

Exercising and getting into a routine can help you learn how your body is working . . . or not working! The truth is that the best way to keep your body and mind in top shape is to be physically active. Almost everyone, no matter what his or her physical condition, can engage in at least some form of bodily exercise.


Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy offers many physical and emotional benefits. Physical activity may also help manage some symptoms of pregnancy and make you feel better, knowing you’re doing something good for yourself and your baby.

Your body will undergo many changes during pregnancy. Some will affect your ability to exercise, or require you to modify your exercise routine. Check first with your health professional.


Post-natal Recovery

Post-natal exercise will speed up the recovery process and build valuable strength your body needs to keep up with the hectic schedule of caring for your newborn

Exercise after baby arrives can provide the following benefits: However, it’s important to remember that you should always consult with your doctor before …


As a mum you are so busy looking after everyone else…multitasking- mum who are on the go. Feeling exhausted and just wants to have some me time. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, and gain some energy.


Postpartum Blues

Many new Mums’ experience low moods and feel a little overwhelmed with the new responsibilities that motherhood brings during the immediate post-natal period. Lack of sleep, hormones and taking on such a huge new role can take their toll. Exercise will help your brain make feel-good hormones and will give you a chance to work out the stress of new mom or new baby life!


Want a good night sleep

As a new mum we have lack of sleep and yes we need sleep to restore and function healthily, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Exercise will give you the energy boost you need to make it through your busy day.

Going for a walk outside also exposes you to vitamin D and can help you regulate melatonin. Both can help with daytime energy and better rest at night. Lack of vitamin D can also be a contributing factor to depression and low mood. So go enjoy that sunshine, and bring a friend if you can! Vitamin D is also important for babies.


Increase energy

 There’s not a mum who doesn’t wish for more energy, exercising regularly gets the blood pumping around your body which is highly invigorating and energising. Yes, it is that simple!



 Fitness is the best way to connect, socialize  with other new Mums, and build lasting relationships. While increasing your  stamina -energy levels and confidence… you can train and support each other through your fitness journey.



 Mum is the primary influence of the family’s health, children should see mum loving her body. Families who exercise together stay healthier together.  “It also helps parents to get to know their child and their abilities so they can help them build on any weaknesses – which may include physical skills or confidence.”


You need to take care of you

So that you can take care of those you love, mums who incorporate exercise into their family routine, often say they see the benefits and overall calming effects on the body and mind, rather than simply the physical effects of outward appearances.

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