Posted by UzeIt Fitness on 06/13/2019

Why Group Training could be the missing link to your health success

Why Group Training could be the missing link to your health success

Are you a solo exerciser? Do you prefer the solitude of a long run to the chatter of a group fitness class? I must admit I love the peacefulness and solitude of a good run; I love getting up early and seeing the sunrise and enjoying the new day. However, I also love the fun of exercising with other people, the companionship, the revelry (yes, I am a bit competitive but in a good way!), the challenges and the coffee afterwards.

You could be missing out if the only way you exercise is by yourself. Exercising with a group has the following benefits:

  • Motivation - whether it be a buddy, other training buddies or a trainer, there is someone else there to motivate and push you that bit harder. Try doing hill sprints by yourself, it’s easy to give in, however if you have someone on your heels you will push that bit harder.
  • Fun - training doesn’t always have to be serious. Remember back to when you were a kid and you played games - try that now as an adult and your heart rate soars, however you are training and having fun.
  • Support - trying something different. If you do the same old thing every time, you are going to get the same results - actually you are likely to go backwards. You need to change to see change and working with a trainer as part of a group generally means doing something different and something you may not want to do eg burpees!
  • Accountability - knowing that you have paid for your training you are more likely to show up. You are less likely to hit the snooze button and decide to do it later - which we know doesn’t normally happen.
  • Friendships - no matter what type of group you join, having a common goal and interest means you are more than likely to form new friendships. Soon you will be travelling together to attend events you both love - and it’s that much more fun than going alone?

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