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Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness  

Keeping fit and healthy at any age is important, from the youngest members of the community to those who are retired. Everyone can benefit from exercise. The best method to stay young at heart is regular exercise. 

Of course, the workout you did at eighteen is no longer going to be appropriate at sixty eight. As we age our bodies change and need different things. Seniors fitness classes are a great way to keep fit without causing yourself injury or overdoing it. 

What can I Expect in a Senior Fitness Class? 

Seniors fitness exercise classes operate in much the same way as any other class would. Many gyms now offer a full range of seniors classes. Water aerobics are a popular choice, when you exercise in the water, the stress on the joints is eliminated while still allowing you a good work out.  Regular aerobics are a good choice too, find a seniors class though which combines low impact moves with plenty of stretching before and after. 

Tai Chi is a great choice for exercise if you are older, this is a low impact sport with a lessened chance for injury. Tai Chi not only helps you get fit but is also beneficial for circulation and mental wellness. Yoga too is a good way to exercise; yoga helps build strength and flexibility. 

If it is your first class, arrive a few minutes early to introduce yourself to the instructor. They will be able to let you know what to expect in the class. If you have any specific injuries, let them know so they can help tailor the class to suit your needs. 

What are the Benefits of a Seniors Fitness Workout? 

Research has shown that regular exercise helps us stay healthy, live longer and generally feel better about ourselves. If you are feeling stressed, tired or lethargic, getting involved in a regular fitness class can help alleviate this. 

As we get older we lose muscle density. From the age of thirty, without regular exercise, our muscle mass decreases. This means that over time we grow weaker, our bones can become brittle and our posture lessens. Regular workouts can help maintain muscle mass and bone density meaning you stay healthy and fit, helping to prevent a whole range of illnesses. 

Group exercise can also be a social event. You will be surprised at the people you meet while working out. You may meet some great new friends.