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Sports Specific

Sports Specific 

Sports and fitness go hand in hand. One of the best ways to work on your health and fitness is to be doing something that you love and enjoy. It could be cycling, swimming or jogging just to name a few. Sometimes though, no matter how much experience we have with a particular discipline we need the help of a personal trainer to help us take it to the next level. 

There are many options when it comes to sports specific personal training. Some trainers will specialize in particular areas and work from studios which are fitted out with all the right sports fitness equipment. 

Get Fit Playing the Sports You Love 

Did you love kickboxing as a kid? Maybe you are a keen swimmer who loves to get a few laps in? If you are thinking about getting of the couch and doing some exercise, doing the sports you truly enjoy can be very motivating. 

Many people do take part in regular sports, in particular competitive sports, but still feel as if they are not getting all the benefits that they could be out of it. Enlisting a personal trainers help to get you to really push yourself is a great option. When you do the same things all the time your body plateaus and you don’t make it to the next level. A personal trainer will help, you will learn new skills and get to try out new things. 

Train to be the Best At Your Sport 

A sports specific training program can help you get the next level at your chosen sport. Whether you are tennis player, a golfer or a cyclist you can benefit from sports specific training programs. 

A personal trainer will start by conducting a fitness assessment. They will measure your aerobic and anaerobic fitness, your endurance and stamina, your strength and your flexibility. All of the will be compared to an optimal level which is required by your specific sport. 

By identifying the areas which need improvement, your personal trainer will device a program to help improve these areas. For instance, if your upper body strength and aerobic fitness were not at optimal levels, your training would focus on this. This kind of sports specific training does not necessarily include the sport you are training for. For instance, a cyclist may find that there program includes very little cycling. The areas of weakness that need work are often those that our chosen sports do not focus on. 

This kind of training can be very rewarding, those that take on sports specific training often find that their performance in their chosen sport advances in leaps and bounds.