Posted by Glenn Stephenson on 09/27/2019

Sit Ups that will keep you toned

this is 9 sit ups that will help you tone

  1. Crunch ( lift shoulders off ground and push your nose towards toes)
  2. Right Oblique Crunch (put left hand behind head and right hand on stomach)
  3. Left Oblique Crunch (put right hand behind head and left hand on stomach)
  4. Reverse Crunch (lift legs and tail bone off floor knees towards chest)
  5. Bicyle Crunch (alternate knee to elbow)
  6. Long Arm Crunch (extend arms over head and lift shoulders off floor)
  7. Cross Over Crunch (lift knees toward alternate elbow)
  8. Fingers to palm Crunch (place fingers on knees and slide up to palms)
  9. Side crunch (lift shoulders off floor and touch alternate ankles)
  10. Plank ( put elbows on floor engage core and hold)

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